The University of Malaya (UM) has established the Dual PhD programme with more than 20 universities from all over the world since 2008. The establishment of the Dual PhD programme provides a means of developing a long-term research partnership between institutions and is tailor-made according to the requirements of each institutions and candidate. The partner universities and their respective field of research are as follows:


Partner Universities

Field of Research


University of Sydney, Australia

Medicine & sports science


Liverpool John Moores University UK

Engineering & sports science


Ecole Polytechnique, France

Science or any research fields*


National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Medicine or any research fields*


The National Polytechnique de Toulouse, France

Engineering or any research fields*


University of Tehran, Iran



Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran



University of Paris-Sud, France

Science or any research fields*


University of Liverpool, UK

Medicine (Orthopaedics) or any research fields*


University of Nottingham, UK

Any research fields*


University of Antwerp,Belgium

Languages & linguistics or any research fields*


University of New South Wales, Australia

Biomedical engineering


Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Sports medicine or any research fields*


Australian National University, Australia

Science or any research fields*


Nara Institute of Science & Technology, Japan

Biological science


Swansea University, United Kingdom

Medicine or any research fields*


KU Leuven (Leuven University), Belgium

Engineering science


University of Taipei, Taiwan

Sports science or any research fields*


Osaka University, Japan



National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

Engineering or any research fields*


Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Engineering or any research fields*


University of Southampton


* Any research fields subject to the agreement of both universities’ academic schools/faculties and supervisors.


• Opportunity to study and conduct research under the supervision of experts from two institutions/universities.

•  Access to research facilities and training support provided by both institutions/universities.

•  International research experience and the opportunity to develop long-term collaboration.

•  Candidate will receive 2 PhD certificates/scrolls (1 from each institutions/universities) after completing his/her studies.

•  Local candidate (Malaysian) will be able to apply for the financial assistance to support him/her at the partner university under the Dual PhD Fund established by Institute of Graduate Studies, UM.

Entry Requirements

The candidate must fulfill the entry requirements to the PhD programme of University of Malaya and its partner university and received the offer letter from both universities before starting the programme.

Application Procedures

Step 1

  • New applicants apply for admission to UM and partner university PhD programme. 
  • Current  UM PhD candidate apply for admission to the partner university’s PhD programme.

Step 2

  • Before applying for admission, applicant/candidate needs to search for the supervisor from UM and the partner university who agreed to supervise the applicant/candidate under the Dual PhD Programme between both universities.

Step 3

  • The candidate application will be processsed by UM and the partner university.

Step 4

  • Successful candidate will receive the offer letter for admission to the Dual PhD programme from UM and the partner university.

Step 5

  • Candidate will register in UM and also at the partner university to start  the Dual PhD Programme.
Financial Assistance

Local candidate (Malaysian) who study under the Dual PhD programme can apply for the financial assistance provided by UM to support the candidate while studying at the partner university abroad.
The candidate can apply for the following item under the scholarship:

        1. Tuition fee coverage
        2. Settlement allowance (one-off)
        3. Living allowance (monthly)
        4. Winter clothing allowance (one-off amounted to RM 1,500)
        5. Return flight ticket (one-off)

The  Dual PhD financial assistance is a top-up to other sponsorship (if any) received by the candidate and if the candidate does not received any other sponsorship while he/she is abroad at the partner university, UM will consider to fully sponsored the candidate.
While the candidate spent his/her studies in UM, the cost of the studies will be beared solely by the candidate or his/her sponsor.


Enquiries about the Dual PhD programme can be made by contacting:

Deputy Dean Office
Level 2, Block D
Institute Of Graduate Studies
University Of Malaya

Tel: +603 7967 4615 / 4419
Fax: +603 7967 4606

Last Update: November 16, 2016