Department of Mathematics and Science Education


Department Overview

The Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya is unique as it is the only such department among universities in Malaysia. The aim of this Department is to provide multi-disciplinary training and research in the field of mathematics education, science education, physical and health education, mathematics education with ICT and science education with ICT . The department has 11 teaching staff.

At the undergraduate level, the Department collaborates with the Faculty of Science, University of Malaya, offering mathematics and science education courses for its Bachelor of Science with Education program. Internally,the department offers mathematics and science education courses for the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. In addition, the Department also provides physical education courses as second method for the Bachelor of Education (TESL Primary Education) program.

At the postgraduate level, the Department offers three programs: Master of Mathematics Education with Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Master of Science Education with Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and Master of Education specializing in Mathematics Education, Science Education and Physical and Health Education.

To further support its teaching and research activities, the Department has hosted several international and national seminars and conferences. The department staff also have strong professional links with various organizations locally and internationally.

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Head of Department


Prof. Dr. Nik Azis Nik Pa
Block E (EE 117)
Tel: 03- 7967 5067


Prof. Dr. Esther Sarojini Daniel
Block E (EE 204)
Tel: 03- 7967 5120


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rohaida Mohd Saat
Block E (EE 217)
Tel : 03- 7967 5052


Dr. Selva Ranee Subramaniam
Menara Pendidikan (EG 524)
Tel: 03- 7967 5070


Dr. Syed Kamaruzaman Syed Ali

Block D (ED 0004H)
Tel: 03- 7967 5198


 Dr. Rose Amnah Abd. Rauf

Block E (EE 213)
Tel: 03- 7967 5064


 Dr. Renuka a/p V.Sathasivam

Block E (EE 311)
Tel: 03- 7967 5085


 Dr. Suzieleez Syrene Abdul Rahim

Block E (EE 315)
Tel: 03- 7967 5127



 Dr. Leong Kwan Eu

Block D (004j)
Tel : 03 -7967 3895



 Norjoharuddeen Mohd Nor

Block E (EE 312)
Tel: 03- 7967 5004


Dr. Hutkemri

Blok D (ED 109)
Tel : 03-79675011

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Last Update: May 05, 2016